Acitvate your creator-power

The moment we tune in our consciousness, we obtain omnipotence. All of us hold a creating power but most are not aware of it. Self-awareness means to remind yourself of this power and to actively claim it. Everything is first taking shape in your awareness before it manifests in the outside. Amplifying your awareness goes hand in hand with radically taking full responsibility for everthing you create in your life.

Consciousness Mentoring creates the shift to a liberate and mature image of human-being:

  • Experience each moment to the fullest by acknowledging your creator-power

  • Manifest healthy relationships, attract abundance and increased wellness after clearing your destructive patterns

  • Learn to cherish your body as a sacred temple and the significance of your physical and mental health and experience new ways of natural and bio-energetic medicine

  • Uncover a deeper purpose to being

  • Learn to harness ancient wisdom, rituals and techniques for a fufilling life aligned with the source

“First of all, the path to enlightenment, peace, health and abundance is an internal path – a path of awareness – and rarely is asphalted.”

Susanna Cham

Skills & capabilities


Assistance and support for your inner raise to a liberated and mature image of human-being. Learn to establish a conscious way to live and create your life and also experience yourself as a creator-being.


Stockende persönliche Prozesse werden durch die transzendierte Sicht darauf in Klarheit und Fluss gebracht. Dadurch erkennst das große Ganze und bleibst auf dem Weg deiner Vision.


Hinderliche Glaubens-muster und Emotionen, die im Körper blockieren, werden neutralisiert und damit eine Basis für neue Denk- und Sichtweisen geschaffen. Gebundene Energie wird dadurch frei.


Durch biophysikalische Informationstherapie wird dein Körperfeld gemessen und Disharmonien ausgeglichen, um Gesundheit zu verstärken und Krankheit zu vermindern.

Self-knowledge initiates consciousness

These times are challenging for a reason: it’s all about your ascension process. We are called upon to take a new direction which is in alignment with the cosmos. And, where is insight, there is task and possibility of change.

Previous economic and societal approaches and solutions have reached their limits. We are now being tuned in to a new timeline which is strongly depending on your own frequency. Never before has your alignment been as significant as now.

Cosmic energies and ascending frequencies are activating your potential in order to make anything possible, to bring light in all of your actions, to receive answers to all of your questions, to grow towards what is your purpose.

“Life is never about solely clearing displeasing symptoms. At it’s core, it’s all about truly recognising your inherent creator-power, with the side-effect of curing. True healing first emerges in your mind.”

Susanna Cham

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Healing and change happens by acknowledging and expanding your awareness. I am offering to you my experience, guidance and inspiration in order for you to embark on a path of self-responsibility leading you to this new level of conscious living.