Harmonising your body

Everything is made of energy. Each cell pulses electrically, and the body itself emanates electromagnetic fields. The human body is a complex energetic system, composed of hundreds of energetic subsystems. The electric field measured near to an individual is due to bioelectric processes taking place in the body. Disease is caused by energetic imbalances; therefore, health can be restored or established by balancing one’s energies.

Homeostasis plays an important role here, because it is our body’s attempt to maintain a largely constant internal milieu under changing external conditions. In this way, vital processes such as the sugar level, osmotic pressure, blood pressure, electrolytes and gases in the blood, … are maintained through efficient paths. The regulation for this is based on feedback from the cells as a combination of positive and negative feedback (vibrations). The higher the number of negative responses from the cells, the lower our vibrational state or our state of health.

Bio-energetic medicine how to discover energy imbalances, to consider the frequency of the body’s own Energy Centers and flows holistically and to bring them back into balance.

Bioresonance therapy

Is a treatment method in which the organism’s own electrical vibrations and electromagnetic fields are recorded and processed by means of electrodes (hand and foot plates as well as forehead electrode).

Harmonic (physiological) signals are amplified, disharmonious (pathological) signals are modified and then sent back into the body.

Throug this technique, I assist your body to harmonise and at the same time activate inherent, to harmonize your body in an alternative way and to activate the body’s own healing powers.

Discover a different individual and natural approach of medical support for your body system. 

Discover what I can do for you:

Basic regulation and harmonisation

This therapy concept is suitable for you if you do not have any chronic illness and only want to support your immune system or optimise your state of health. The units of the concept are based on each other and have specific effects: drainage, detoxification, regeneration, activating biocatalysts, repairing DNA, miasmatic.

Support of processes of your physical body

Detoxification and drainage, anti-parasitic strategies, for various functional disorders or pain symptoms, for diseases of the respiratory tract, (sensory) organs, skin and subcutaneous tissue, musculoskeletal system, blood circulation, nervous system, endocrine system, poorly healing wounds and ulcers.

Support of processes of your subtle body

Selected frequencies that support you in your light body process (ascension) and alleviate various side effects and symptoms. Relief to achieve selected states such as further development of creative faculties, increased attention, better contact with the unconscious, serenity in thought patterns.

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