Living consciousness

Consciousness is the universal energy field that pervades, “records” and conditions everything. In contrast to the linear and limited human mind, it is a non-linear and timeless reality that is always there and you tune in at any time. The mind can (and often does) be wrong, but perception cannot.

Awakened consciousness does not think, but perceives what is.

Living in awareness means not only perceiving what a situation is like, but also intuitively taking the right steps and having complete trust in yourself and your life. The pure consciousness knows how to fulfill every moment for the best. You then act in harmony with yourself and at the same time with creation.

Ultimately, consciousness is  the evocation of your own natural perfection.

Consciousness demands awareness

Awareness is the method to discover your innermost core, your self. It is the technique to change your dispersion in the outside and to support you to come into your center, to your inner source. The more unconscious you are, the further away you are from yourself, from your consciousness. The ego, your biological inheritance and the supposed image of yourself is just a false sense of it and leads you astray.

All experiences of suffering, failure, feeling imperfect, … show you that you are still unconsciously alive. When this becomes clear to you, then you are already on the way to awareness.

In this world we have been shaped to do, accomplish, and achieve, but it truly is just a distraction and a sideline.

Not what you do, but how you do what you do determines whether you are fulfilling your destiny. And how you do what you do is determined by your state of consciousness.

We have long since arrived in a different time, but we have only adapted ourselves externally. 500 years ago it was still important to have enough food, a roof over your head and health, now our work is more focused on being.

Our prosperity has greatly improved thanks to a variety of technologies and inventions that make our external life easier than it used to be. Likewise, the cosmic energies have changed, and that seemingly passed us by.

It would now be significant that the human being concentrates on his inner being and thinks back. That means to break away from the old, centuries-old, approaches and to create new ones, to recognize our inner wealth and to live it.

Awareness can be trained and expanded – instead, awareness always exists in its totality. It just needs to be uncovered from the overlapping layers of the mind. This is your most important task.

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Healing and change happens by acknowledging and expanding  your awareness. I’m offering to you my experience, guidance and inspiration in order for you to embark on a path of self-responsibility leading you to this new level of conscious being.