The purpose of the content on my website is not to provide you medical advice to make a diagnosis or to discourage you from seeing a doctor or specialist. Like everybody else who specialise in or close to the field of health, I do not make any promises of healing.

Energy psychology, bio-energetic medicine and natural medicine have the aim of providing new insights in which you as a client will be accompanied by me and not about diagnosis, healing and treatment of patients. 

Energy psychologists use special muscle tests to determine energetic blockages and stress triggers. They support you as a client on your way to optimizing your personal strengths and abilities.
Bioresonance therapy is a treatment method in which the organism’s own electrical vibrations and electromagnetic fields are recorded and processed by means of electrodes (hand and foot plates as well as forehead electrode). Harmonic (physiological) signals are amplified and disharmonious (pathological) signals are modified and then sent back into the body.

Please never use my information as the sole source for health-related decisions. If you have health problems, please always ask a recognized therapist or doctor. If animals are sick, please consult a veterinarian or animal healer.

I write my articles without direct medical-editorial support or control. I simply provide my collected knowledge about it that has been positively rated. Please refrain from taking medication or medicinal herbs without consulting your doctor.


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